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Blazers Alumni Corner

The Alumni Foundation is proud to support the wide variety of Blazers sports teams competing in the Greater Montreal Athletic Association. We all know how important these extra-curricular activities are in promoting a prosperous student life and helping students reach their potential. Our goals are to improve the growth of the HSB Athletics Program and to ensure that all Blazers teams are adequately funded to maximize their ability to compete against other schools in the region.

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Track & Field 

The HSB Track & Field program trains students in short to long distance running and relays, long jump, high jump, javelin, discus throw and shot put. In 2019-20, over 20 athletes represented HSB in the annual track meet and several students finished their respective events on the podium. With the help of the Alumni Foundation, the Track & Field program was once again able to send our hard-working athletes to Provincials! We look forward to helping with the progression of the program and to seeing many more Championship banners hung proudly in the HSB gymnasium!


In 2014, rugby had returned to Billings as its popularity increased across the country. The program expanded rapidly and now hosts a series of championship-caliber teams. The HSB rugby teams are characterized by grit, hard work and determination and will be a competitive force in the GMAA for years to come. The Alumni Foundation looks forward to assisting the rugby program as it continues its journey and ensuring that it has sufficient resources to support our athletes!

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Blazers Basketball has always been a cornerstone of HSB Athletics and a vital part of the overall student life. With the assistance of the Basketball Alumni branch of the Foundation, a Ladies' Blazers team was formed for the 2019 season after a brief hiatus. This incredible group of athletes took the GMAA by storm and not only won the Midget championship banner but also qualified for the Provincial Championships. In collaboration with The BLVD Bar & Grill, the Alumni Foundation was able to raise over $3000 in March 2019 that will go towards the development and expansion of the basketball program.


With the fundraising assistance of the Hockey Alumni, the hockey program has been re-vamped with new jerseys, a beautifully designed dressing room and much more. The HSB 50th Anniversary party showcased the immense pride that alumni of all ages have in our school as a whole but particularly, its tremendous hockey program. The program has developed several championship teams in its rich history with its most recent title coming in 2018. We look forward to working in collaboration with the Hockey Alumni to ensure that the hockey program continues to thrive!

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The badminton program at HSB has been assembling competitive teams in both boys and girls divisions for as long as we can remember. Its long and proud history can be seen showcased at the annual Badminton-Alumni Tournament which has been a hit amongst alumni of all ages. Maintaining the program is costly over time and the Alumni Foundation is proud to have helped the badminton program purchase 48 new rackets for our athletes to use in tournaments to ensure they remain fully equipped to compete!

The HSB Lacrosse team has been nothing short of dominant since it re-entered the GMAA having won 6 Championships in the past decade. Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the world over the past several years and it sure has been a fan favourite for our Blazers. The program has experienced tremendous growth and has helped develop several players who have since been drafted into the National Lacrosse League.

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Soccer & Futsal

Soccer is one of the oldest programs offered at HSB and its popularity seems to increase every year. HSB has teams competing in both boys & girls divisions across all ages and have won several championships in its rich history.


Futsal is a relatively new program offered by HSB Athletics. It is a modified version of indoor soccer and quickly caught the interest of many students. In 2018, the HSB Midget Girls Futsal team won the GMAA Championship and the program looks to follow it up with many more over the coming years!

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