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2020 Executive Board

Michael Dickie



Class of 2015

Louise Kinney


Board Member

Staff Alumni

Leigh Sawyer


Board Member and Hockey Alumni Liaison

Class of 2004

Brendan Calado-Luke


Vice President

Class of 2016

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Lori Biernat



Class of 1984

Tina Truffa


Board Member and Governing Board Liaison

Class of  1991

Kara Johnstone



Staff Alumni

Johanne Fortin


Board Member

Class of 1975

Shuttlecock and Badminton Racket

Our Mission

HSB is more than a school, it's at the heart of our community. We are a proud bunch, and no matter where we travel in the world, chance meetings and conversations bring that pride to light.

We all know that extra-curricular activities matter. They are the heart and soul of a school and correspond directly to an increasing sense of school spirit and overall student success.

Over the years, decreased funding and increased costs have pushed many sports, artistic, cultural and other activities not directly related to the curriculum, out of reach. Our mission is to make the school's extra curricular "wish list" a reality.

Donations made to the HSB Alumni Foundations go DIRECTLY to fund the activities and events that enhance student life at HSB. Working closely with the school administration, Governing Board and the New Frontiers School Board, your donation makes a difference to the kids at HSB.

Frank Lapointe's Legacy - Our Origin Story

Frank Lapointe loved HSB.  He loved his time there, he loved it after he left, and he kept coming back to it throughout his life, as a citizen, as an Alumnus, as a Hall of Famer, as a a friend.
When it came to sports, basketball was Frank's first love.  He quickly realized however, that if the school was to sustain extra-curricular activities, we had to tap into the Alumni base, and create a bigger umbrella which would include all sports and after-school clubs.  He and I often spoke of this project, but we never really followed up on it.  The Hockey and Basketball Alumni Associations were thriving and I guess we both got a little complacent.
Then, life happened.  Frank, who by then had moved to Kansas City with his family, was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.  We, his friends, digested the news with great difficulty, but through the early months, hope came back that we would have a few more years.  We were wrong.  He fought the disease tooth and nail as we all expected he would, until he finally succumbed to it four years ago.

In his will, he bequeathed $5000 USD to his hometown of Chateauguay, to be split evenly between the Chateauguay Basketball Association, and the Billings Basketball Alumni Association both of which he co-founded.
One year before Frank's passing, there had been a Billings reunion, organized by Chateauguay in the '70's founder Rob Brewster which had netted a little over $5000 in donations for the school's extra curricular activities.
When I received the check from Frank's estate, I knew in that instant that I needed to realize his vision and our mutual dream of a Billings Alumni Foundation which would endow all sports and clubs as needed.
When I spoke to Rob about pooling our resources in Frank's memory, he never hesitated.  Thus, the Foundation was born.
Frank would be so proud of this Foundation.  My only regret is that we weren't able to build it together while he was still alive to see it realized.  The early founders have left the Board of Directors now, and have paved the way for new blood to take over and see to it that the Foundation flourish and prosper.

As the new Executive and Board embark upon this mission and take up the torch we passed on to them, I know with absolute certainty that Frank Lapointe is looking down with his beautiful smile, and that his memory will ensure that the flame of HSB school spirit will never be extinguished.

-Charlie Ghorayeb (Co-Founder)

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Welcome to the HSB Alumni Foundation


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